Benchmark your honey & see your revenue increase

With QPAP you can benchmark your honey by looking at the quality, purity, authenticity and potentcy of your products.

Have a closer look at what truly matters

Born out of passion we've set out to research honey, with over 50 years of experience our team is dedicated to success.

To change an industry creating a true super food provided by nature.

Not only manufacturers will benefit but also beekeepers and first and foremost   the end the consumer using your products.

Why become QPAP certified?

Invest in research

Research drives products and the gross domestic product upwards globally.

Aim and goals

Know your aim, goals and mission by knowing your product.

Terrific Returns

Get people to know your values, by showing you support research and development your consumers know you are after quality.


This certification is more than just another symbol on your jar, it's a partnership and collaboration between people in the industry.


Years of experience


Average ROI



One simple fee.\

Private Success Manager

Our team will ensure you get the best from joining our certification scheme. By optimising the use of our marketing collateral and scheduling a personal video meeting to ensure a smooth on-boarding process.

Our success managers, are experienced people that have worked in the field and have experience in the world of FMCG markets.

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"A monthly investment of $100 can yield $442,567 in 30 years"

*based on an avg return of 13% p.a